Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 40: Sept 30th-Oct 6th: ho-hum but no bottle of rum.

This week J is gearing up to head to Oklahoma City for an art show he is doing at a gallery there. I will be in single-mom territory as it will be just the pup and me for 5 days. I'm not looking forward to that but I am excited for J's art show, he's created some pretty amazing things and it is great that others outside of the bay area will get to see them first hand. 

My 5 things:

1. I looked into gyms in my area. Perhaps if I pay for motivation... it's crazy enough it just might work. I basically need someone telling me what to do and how long to suffer and do it (ie taking classes at a gym). I even contacted one gym, but have yet to go in and get a pricing. I am reluctant because we really cannot afford it, although J seems pretty supportive about figuring it out if it is what I want. ( he trying to tell me something?).

2. I met up with a friend over the weekend and we went to lunch. We also took the pup to a dog park. I drove all the way to the south bay (about 45 miles) to visit with her. The distance is the reason it is rare I ever see any of my school friends. Seems like a long trek just for a few hours of social time.

3. We took the dog to the dog park a few times. It's nice to get outside and even (gasp!) socialize with other people. Plus I think we felt guilty because we took him in to get his balls chopped today. Poor pup.

4. Yesterday morning we got up early and J and I stopped to get a coffee and breakfast treat at a little coffee shop near the dog park. We almost always have coffee at home, so it's a rarity that we splurge on anything like that.

5. I enlisted my sisters in some future plans. I am what I have deemed "Christmas Crazy" as in, absolutely crazy about Christmas. I love everything about it and start getting excited around September and the excitement does not let up for months. I decided that my sisters and I need more quality time (since I am only ever up there in the PNW for a few weeks out of the year). I let them know yesterday that we will be getting Christmas crafty when I come up in December with baked goods, crafts, and Christmas music. Planning for Christmas things makes my heart happy. It helps that they agreed ;)  

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