Friday, June 3, 2011

Woody Allen

I wonder if it is just getting older in general, or something specific due to my ever growing cynicism and doubts that life actually ever has happy endings (although, compared to my teenage angst filled years I'm much more optimistic in recent years, as hard as that is for most to believe)... but I've really grown to appreciate Woody Allen's work.
I remember seeing the movie Match Point years ago and I remember hating it.
Well, hate is probably too drastic of a word, but I definitely recall a strong dislike for the movie.
I have yet to watch it again, but it got me thinking recently.
It started with Annie Hall:

 I just loved the idea that not everything ends up the way you think it should. It probably helped that I watched this post-the worst break up of my life.
Regardless of how many times they came back together , or thought it should work, it didn't. No one wants to think that and most of Hollywood doesn't let you think that...
but in all actuality, it's far more common than those fairy tale endings most movies promise you.

The dialogue in his movies is intense, thought provoking, raw, and real.

So tonight, I'm watching Manhattan:
I absolutely love this scene. Profoundly beautiful, in the simplest way.

Maybe I'll have to re-watch Match Point. See how the late 20's version of me feels about it.

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