Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Birthday surprises in the mail

3 finals in 1 day should be illegal.
I mean, now that they're done and I'm on my second glass of wine...I'm glad I have a few less exams to worry about this weekend and can focus my efforts of Stats, but was rough.
There were a few upsides to today. I got TWO packages in the mail today for my birthday from two of my favorite people.

My friends are absolutely wonderful. Of course it would have been nice to get these on my actual birthday, but with how stressed I have been about today, it was actually a pretty perfect day for them to arrive.
I got one before I went and took the finals, and I got the other one the second I walked in the door when I got home from taking all my finals.

Of course I don't need any of these things, but they're all lovely because they mean something.  They're not just random gifts someone picks out when in a rush to get something or that you buy for people you don't know really well or feel obligated to buy something for.
That is really what is most important. It is never, ever about the cost.
It is about the thought.
Not to mention, I absolutely LOVE getting things in the mail. After moving away from home, this love intensified immensely.
When you feel lonely, and far away.. it feels good to know someone is thinking of you.

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