Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Running Update: Still hating it.

I completed my "3 weeks to 30-minute running habit" last week.
Took a bit longer than expected because of some lung issues I was having, but nevertheless I completed it!
The following day I decided to test my Post Office route (which there and back from my apartment is 1 mile) This was where I tested my original .4 of a mile when I started so it seemed fitting.
The results: I was able to run a mile!!!
Now, of course, by run I mean my pathetic attempt at it that looks much more like a jog/old lady shuffle.
But regardless, I did it. A mile!
For the majority of people this sounds like chump change, no big deal, but to me, that is absolutely amazing. I have never in my life ran a mile (How pathetic is that?)
But now, I can say that I have.
Originally, my plan was to continue on to the next phase of 5k Training but I've decided that, since I have the time, and my body seems to need more work, that I will repeat the last 2 weeks of the 3 week workout to ensure I'm ready for the 5K Training Schedule since that schedule seems pretty daunting and my body is still adjusting to this whole running thing.
I'm having some major issues with my lungs. I knew this would happen, it is a big part of the reason I've avoided running my entire life. I am making sure to be smart and not overexert myself and cause major damage or problems but it is rather frustrating.
With all my lung issues you'd think I were an avid smoker or something along those lines.
So 2 more weeks of this schedule and then I will being going to VEGAS the following week!! So I will give myself a little break in between, the the real torture will begin.

Also: Update on my shoes: the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11's
I have one word for them: AMAZING!! I had so much knee pain when I first started, I was sure it was something serious and could even prevent me from running.
But once fitted in the proper shoes, I felt the change immediately. The first few days running with them my knee was still bothering me, but in a much different way. I could tell that my body was adjusting to the shoes and the change in impact and support.
By day 3 or 4 of running that pain was completely gone and I haven't felt it even slightly since.
Granted, I have absolutely nothing to compare these to, since this is my first pair of running shoes but I must say, now that I know what actual support and comfort in a running shoe feels like, I can never, ever go back to hurting my body the way I was. Such a good investment!

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