Thursday, May 19, 2011


Making the trip today!! I can't wait! I just have to get through this pesky midterm and on that plane!
I should be reviewing my notes right now but the coffee hasn't kicked in just yet, therefore it would do me no good. I'm still not all packed. I wonder if I'll ever be one of those people that is actually ready for life events/trips?
This weekend is going to be busy. I've got a wedding, a concert, a nephew's birthday, a trip to visit my cousin and her new baby,  all while trying to manage seeing all my family and special people in my life and cramming it all into a matter of about 4 days. It never works, someone is always disappointed. I'll try my best though.
I'm hoping the fact that I rented a car this time will alleviate some stress and make for more time spent with others instead of waiting for rides or a car to be free for use. We shall see.
There is also a matter of school work to be done in the midst of all this. I'm not bringing my laptop, Gasp! So I am trying to work on that whole time management thing too while actually giving myself a mini break from all this school craziness and only doing what absolutely needs to be done.
Hopefully I don't regret that.

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