Saturday, May 7, 2011

Current Status: Day 7, still breathing.

  As I mentioned before, I'm doing the "3 weeks to a 30 minute running habit" (before I start my "Train for your first 5K" workout since I'm lacking ability for running in my current condition) I'm now on day 7, so I've completed my first week. I have to say, today was the hardest day so far. I'm not really sure why since the workout was actually one of the smaller ones. I think it was a combination of my body being tired, not used to this whole working out thing and the fact that I had eaten and drank a fair amount of water right beforehand. I had a side ache almost the entire time which definitely hindered my abilities.
So far though, I'm pretty pleased with this workout. I don't feel like I'm killing myself out there or that what is being asked of me is too much for me or out of my realm of possibilities.I do feel like doing this is allowing me to make the slow and steady progress necessary to improve. I also would definitely say this is doable for those who have never run before since I myself have never run, and am staying afloat thus far.
The website offers and email course that is free to sign up for, and they email you daily about what your workout should be. I've found that the email is slightly delayed (could be due to the fact that I signed up in the evening?) But there is a Get a sneak peak at the scheduleportion and I found that, for me, It was the most effective to write down on a calender hanging on my wall the workout for everyday and mark them off that way. The schedule is made up of run/walk ratios for how many minutes to do each followed by how many times you do this for each workout. As for rest days, you can either do cross-training which can be riding your bike, swimming, walking, etc OR you can actually just rest and take the day off from exercise all together. I try to mix it up, depending on how I am feeling and what my schedule looks like.
 The 3 weeks Schedule:
Day 1: 1/1 x 10 (Run 1 minute, walk 1 minute, ten times, for a total of 20 minutes.)
Day 2: 1/1 x 10
Day 3: Rest
Day 4: 2/1 x5, then 1/1 x5
Day 5: 2/1 x5, then 1/1 x5
Day 6: Rest
Day 7: 2/1 x6
Day 8: 3/1 x4, then 1/1 x4
Day 9: 2/1 x 6
Day 10: Rest
Day 11: 3/1 x5
Day 12: 2/1 x8
Day 13: Rest
Day 14: 3/1 x5
Day 15: 4/1 x4
Day 16: 2/1 x8
Day 17: 5/1 x4
Day 18: Rest
Day 19: 4/1 x6
Day 20: 2/1 x5
Day 21: 5/1 x5

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