Friday, May 6, 2011


I rarely do anything that I'm not good at, which is why I never stuck with any sport growing up.
Bowling has always been the one thing I was ok with being bad at, but still enjoyed doing it. I'm not sure why that is.  My best friend Dustin (or as most call him, Dcal) is an avid bowler and is always in a league. Last summer I was back in my home town, broke, and unemployed. So every Monday night, I went and watched his bowling league for hours. This gig usually came with free beer and time spent with my bestie so I didn't really complain. We'd also go bowling every so often and I'd be bowling with him and his league buddies so of course, they all doubled my scores on a regular basis.
Since moving down to California for grad school, I found a few of my friends in my program that enjoy bowling and we've made it a weekly event. This quarter's been kind of insane so it is more like a monthly thing. We went last night, for the first time in probably a month and a half. I bowled the best in my life!

Which, unfortunately my best is only a 141, but I did this two games in a row and finished out the night with a 116. While these scores may not sound impressive, I am usually lucky enough to break 100. I think the last time we went my highest was 92, so this was pretty impressive for me.
I think it's necessary, especially in grad school, to find things that make you happy. Little things you can do, to make you smile, relieve some stress and just get out of your own head for awhile, whether that is a solitary activity or with a group. Bowling is that for me. I drink some beer, get to socialize, I actually enjoy bowling, it doesn't take too much effort or mind power, I dance to the awesome music that is undoubtedly being played in any given bowling alley and on nights like last night, I get to break previous personal records. 
D says when I move back up there, he's making me join a league with him. I think I've got a ways to go before I'm league material, but I definitely think I'm on my way. The free beer doesn't hurt either.

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