Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Overwhelming thought.

One more month left.
And I will have completed my first year of graduate school. It doesn't feel like there is only a month left since most my classes have 3 exams in a quarter and I still have 2 exams left in each of those classes, not to mention the quizzes, another paper, and endless assignments I still have to complete.
One month from today I will have finished all my finals, be done with first year classes and be studying for  my competency exams which are the following week (Grad school refuses to give you a break!)
If I pass the Clinical comp. I'll start my first in-school practicum at our clinic. I'll be seeing patients; actual people, with real problems are going to depend on me. That is such a frightening thought. I have been training for it all year, but I don't think that is a responsibility I'll ever feel truly ready for.
One more month left,
then only 4 more years to go.
My birthday is coming up. 19 days to be exact. This is not me counting down in utter excitement, that is said in total contempt for the upcoming event. I'm not sure why, but turning 27 is just not sitting well with me whatsoever.
This is definitely not where I thought I'd be at 27. Not that where I'm at is any sort of horrible place to be, I had just pictured it a whole lot different.

“You must give up the life you planned in order to have the life that is waiting for you.” – Joseph Campbell

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