Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Burn out

It's November.
When did that happen?
All of the sudden I find myself in the 8th week of the quarter.
That explains a lot.
Recently I've been feeling what they refer to in graduate school as burn out. 
Mine manifests itself in the following ways: inability to concentrate, lack of motivation, trouble sleeping, eating habits gone awry, cognitive mistakes, clumsiness, restlessness yet simultaneously exhausted, living quarters are going uncleaned and clothes piled up and a yearning to produce baked goods.
I've been feeling it awhile and I know it's getting the best of me when I get asked multiple times in one day "Hey, are you ok?"
So much for thinking I'm at least looking the part.
It's the 8th week of Fall quarter, which means that I've got about 3 weeks to pull my ish together. 2 weeks until the majority of it hits the fan.
I know that my school work and my performance at my job are feeling the effects of the burn out.
My clinical work behind the scenes definitely is. Hopefully, it does not affect my work with my clients..they shouldn't have to suffer for that, just because I am.
Just need to find some motivation.

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