Sunday, October 30, 2011

The end result of April O'Neil

I think this year goes down in history as one of the most difficult costume ideas.
I just never imagined 3 items would be so absolutely impossible to track down or create, but I stand corrected.
My outfit did not go as planned.
That yellow costume I ordered, I ended up sending right back to be returned, that is after I gained my composure from laughing so hard alone in my room looking at the pathetic excuse for fabric that lay in front of me.
After countless trips to the Salvation Army, Goodwill and Halloween stores.. I came up with a make-do outfit.
Originally I was going for the animated series version of April but what I ended up with was if the animated-series-April and the 1990-movie-April had a baby, it would have been me for Halloween. I was just glad to have come up with something.
I guess that's what happens in grad school, you're broke, stressed, and pressed for time so you make do with what you've got and just make sure to have fun while doing it.
We spent the evening at a big party in the city (San Fransisco, that is) and went to a few bars after but I have to say, the party was pretty amazing.
All in all, Halloween in SF = pretty awesome.

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