Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Costume for Halloween

So a group of my friends are being the ninja turtles for Halloween.
They have enlisted me to be their April O'neil.
I gladly accepted this as I had yet to find a costume, and decided it should be relatively easy to put together a costume that consisted of 3 major pieces.
Boy was I wrong!
We are celebrating this Saturday and I, as of now, do not have a single thing for my costume!
I have searched the local Goodwills, Salvation Army, Target and Halloween stores, not to mention the internet in every direction only to come up with...nothing.
I realize that the original April O'neil from the Mirage comics did not actually sport this outfit, nor have red hair but I am basing my costume off the animated series version of her since this is the most known to the general public.
There are only THREE things I need. Yellow jumpsuit, white boots, white belt.
I've come across a pink jumpsuit, and a blue one, but no yellow one. I ended up ordering a man's costume for the "man in the yellow hat" from Curious George. and plan to try and work my magic on it. Still no luck with the boots and belt. I have a feeling this costume may faily horribly.
It was my goal to do it well. The majority of the photos I found online of women portraying April have been major flops in my eyes and I was hoping to do better, but now I think I'm beginning to understand why I couldn't find many decent photos of women in April O'neil costumes... because now I realize what little there is out there to work with (unless you want to spend an absolute fortune!).
There was just a knock at my door. It was my yellow costume showing up. Time to get creative!

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