Monday, October 17, 2011

Mad Men

Once again, I'm a few years late to the game. I recently discovered the show, Mad Men.
It first aired in 2007, so it's only natural I suppose that I am just now watching it, in 2011. Only 4 years late.
I am rather enthralled with the early 60's in general. The culture, the clothing, the beliefs, everything is just fascinating to me.
 This show is about the Men but a big part of it focuses on the women as well and on their role in society and in the home. I often feel the pull of being both the 'perfect wife/mother/woman' (I'm not yet a wife or mother, but trust me...the pressure is already there) and being my own person (which includes but is not limited to those things).
I'm not looking to be transported or anything, I'm far too independent and stubborn for that. I wouldn't do well in that time, I'm too outspoken for my own good sometimes.I am drawn to it though.
This show does an excellent job romanticizing an era. I'm hooked.


  1. We love Mad Men, but only started watching it a couple years ago. Not having cable means waiting until it's out on Netflix. However, with that being said, it means being able to have marathon sessions!

  2. Yes, I've been watching it online, so I am able to watch as many episodes as my schedule allows at any given time. In that regard, I rather enjoy coming into it late in the game. Instant gratification!