Sunday, October 23, 2011

Potential to Grow

I went hiking today.
I went with a friend who is going through a rough time, and we've been saying for months that we'd go hiking. We decided now was as good of time as any.
The place we went in near Santa Cruz and totaled I believe around 6 1/2 miles, not positive though.
It was a beautiful day. You'd never been able to tell it was fall, except that some of the trees had begun to change.
I'm not a huge nature person, I don't like bugs, I'm alright with getting dirty sometimes, but I really enjoy trees and birds.
This hike was paved so it wasn't too difficult, but the incline at times was breath-taking, as in... it took all the breath out of me, and I had a hard time keeping a good pace.
It's nice to sometimes just get out of your own mind, your own world and remind yourself that life is bigger than your day to day things.
I thought this was absolutely beautiful. This tree had grown completely sideways. Instead of dying off, it adapted to the circumstances it found itself in, found a way to survive, and not only that but to thrive.
It may not look like the other trees, and may not serve the same functions...but it is thriving as best it can.
I really just fell in love with this.

We should never let anything stand in the way of our potential. 

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  1. Great thought-provoking post. Just what I needed today :)