Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mexico Vacation

What I find interesting, is that the quarter during this year where I actually have some free time and I'm not ripping my hair out from constant stress, is the quarter I'm blogging considerably less.
Isn't that odd, how we do that? The busier we are, the more we're able to actually get done, where as when left with some idle time, less is accomplished.
I suppose I need this time because once next year hits, wowwie am I going to be in for a shocker.
In terms of practicum, the largest client load I've ever carried was 2 at one time.
My 3rd year placement supervisor told me in the interview I will have a client load of 10.
Holy hell. How on earth am I going to juggle 10 people's lives and problems, plus my own?
If I've learned anything in grad school, it's that they keep piling it on, and I keep finding a way to get it done, despite consistently feeling like I'm going to topple over and implode.
I just got back this weekend from a 5 day vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
 I didn't realize it initially but it was my first legitimate vacation sans parents or other people who know the area/language/place better than me.
It was also my first time out of the country where I was the "leader" in the sense that the reservations were in my name and also my boyfriend knows next to no Spanish and was relying on me for that part of it.
It was a little overwhelming, but overall it was a lovely trip.
This was also our first vacation together that did not include one of us visiting the other. 
Now back to working at the coffee shop, classes, research group and planning for the move. I feel rejuvenated and motivated now though, which is a nice feeling :)

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