Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sickness>5K dreams?

It is the eve of my first ever 5K...
and I'm sick!
I came down with a head cold a few days ago which has now morphed into a head cold-stomach flu combo.
I am going to be so absolutely beyond disappointed if I'm not able to run tomorrow. I went and picked up my runner's packet last night with my shirt/number/free goodies despite feeling absolutely horrible.
I vowed to spend all day today resting/hydrating/medicating myself so that I'm up for the race tomorrow, but my symptoms only seem to be worsening.
I have been training for this race since MAY, only to have it potentially ruined by my body's inability to fight off illness. I am praying for a miracle. Hoping I'll some how wake up tomorrow morning feeling 100x better and be able to run it.
Nevermind the fact that I haven't actually been able to run 3 miles on my own yet.
I'll need a miracle in that regard as well.
I also have to work a full shift at my job after, so if by some strange luck I do some how succeed and am able to pull off running the 5K, I am not allowed to rest or celebrate that fact, I am to go straight to work.
Hmm... did I step in a pile of bad karma or what?

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