Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vintage Obsession

I think I have a problem.
I've recently discovered the vintage section on Etsy. I always knew this site existed, but thought it was just crafts, jewelery, etc so I thought it was a neat idea but never anything I checked religiously or anything.
I'm not even sure how it happened, actually. One day I just found myself clicking page after page after page of adorable vintage clothing and finding some wonderful things that I fell in love with. There are a lot of items that are just way out of my price range, but when you're searching you can just search "vintage dresses" with a max price of say, $15 and you'll still have pages full of cute things to look at.
I've made a few purchases off the site and so far I've been very pleased with my choices. My first pieces were the double strand pearl necklace in the photo on the left and the black cinch belt with silver buckle in the photo down below. I absolutely love both. They are awesome pieces to add to my wardrobe. The next ones I bought were the black dress and the flower print blouse. I am very pleased with the condition both these items are in and also how they fit.
It's always a gamble ordering clothes off the internet, especially when it is a used item and there is rarely (depending on the shop you by from) returns so it's either it fits, or you're out the money with an item you can't wear.
That is why it is wonderful when the shop owners post very specific details about the items, measurements, any defects in the article, how it fits them (and what size they are or the model in the photo is so you're able to gauge it compared to you).
 This way there hopefully won't be any surprises and you'll be pleased with your purchases. I didn't read the measurements correctly for the black dress ,and actually it is smaller than a size I would normally wear. I can still get it on, but it is definitely very snug. I love it though, so I will smile through the discomfort and wear it anyway ;).

It doesn't sound like a problem I suppose, I found a site to get cheap adorable vintage clothing that I like that fits.
The problem, is that I find myself checking it all the time now! And every time I do, I find unique, wonderful cheap items that would compliment my wardrobe perfectly. (still doesn't sound like a problem if you ask me!) The problem is that my wallet is not full of endless amounts of money. So I can't buy everything I want, and I've bought more than I ever should have.
I've actually got 2 more items on the way. Another blouse and a Lou Taylor bag... but for $7 a piece, how could I say no?
I know, I know. I've got to stop. I've got a problem.

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