Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Update on the craziness

Vacation: I drove down from WA to CA on Sunday, by myself. 12 hour drive all alone. I am surprised at how well it actually went. I borrowed an audio book from my best friend and that ate up about 6 or 7 hours of the drive. Perhaps when I'm feeling up to it, I'll write more about the book, because  definitely have a lot of feelings about it. My time at home with family/boyfriend/friends was busy, too short and left me feeling guilty for having to leave again, but of course I had an amazing time up there with all of them and miss them all terribly already.  

Running: I have my FIRST 5K this Sunday!! I feel completely unprepared. I have yet to actually run 3 miles but today I was able to run (and by run, again, I mean slow, pathetic jog) for 28 minutes straight!
I keep feeling like I haven't been progressing, but if I remember correctly, when I first started out I was about to run for about 4 minutes tops before needing a break by walking. I'd say I've made some progress.
I'm nervous about Sunday, especially since I'm doing it by myself, and there won't even be anyone there to cheer me on.

School: Today was my first day back, two classes back to back starting at 9am. Not too early but when you've been out of the school mode a few months, it feels like torture to have to sit for 4 hours straight and listen to someone talk, and not only listen...but to have to actually comprehend  what the professor is saying is the really difficult part. More class tomorrow. Then research group Thursday. Interested to see how that goes.

Practicum: I am starting my 2nd quarter (out of 3) at our school's clinic. I feel an intense amount of relief having made the decision to start in the summer and not in the fall. I think it would have been way too overwhelming to juggle new classes/new practicum/new rules/new schedules. I still have a lot to learn there, and a number of things I have yet to get experience with, but I feel like I'm progressing at an alright pace.

Work: Today was my first day back at work. I got crappy shifts, but I have limited availability with school so I guess I just have to live with that. I'm curious to see how I handle having a job now that I'm back in classes. Hopefully I don't burn out on all of it.

And I suppose that is all I have energy for as of now. After an 11 hour day, I'm exhausted and need to fix dinner.

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