Friday, January 6, 2012

Interest in Pinterest

I was recently introduced to Pinterest.
I still don't quite know what to make of it. My sister described it as this:
"Think about if you were going through a bunch of magazines looking for inspiration/ideas for hair/style/decorating/organizing/fitness whatever you fancy, and tearing out different things you find that you think would be a good idea. It's like doing that, but with the internet"
The site allows you to "pin" the things you like and place them on your board into whatever categories you like.
For instance, I have a Recipes board and one for, Style, Home and Hair and Beauty too.
That way everything that looks like a good idea or something I want to try I can just "pin" it and have it all in one place at my fingertips whenever I please instead of saving a million sites and blogs in my Bookmarks.
It's a good time waster any way. You can follow what other people are doing too so you can search for ideas or you can just watch what comes up through other people and get ideas that way.
Today I told myself I'd do at least some of the 100 pages worth of reading articles that I have due for next week.
That did not get accomplished.
But on the upside, I "pinned" some pretty delicious looking recipes I'm excited to try when I get back down to CA ;)

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  1. Hahahaha I love that site! I waste so much time and it kind of gives me endorphins like I am shopping or creating or planning for something...sounds cheesy but it's true. Plus i love that you can click on things and it takes you to tutorials and other useful sites.