Thursday, January 12, 2012

My very own blog word cloud

My sister sent me a link to something she did on this site that
I've never heard of:
It is a site that allows you to take either a section of
writing, blog, article etc and it apparently analyzes the
words used in it. It is called a word cloud. The words most often used
are in bold and are larger than the others.
She was supposed to be doing some sort of assignment with it but instead was playing around on the site and did one of my blog:

I think this is just absolutely wonderful :) It made my heart happy to
see months worth of writing, all summed up into one picture.
The words I apparently use most often seem pretty standard to
what I believe my posts to be about:
School, Life, Responsibilities, Time, Balance.
It's like I told my sister though, I cannot believe STRESS is not the biggest one of
them all! ;)

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