Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Birthday Surprises

So this weekend, despite all the insanity that is graduate school, was my boyfriend's birthday.
Thankfully, I managed to put all school things related on hold for the few days he was here.
Actually, that is not entirely correct.
My school decided a month or so ago, that we would have a mandatory Saturday class.
Only 1 per month so it wasn't a total drag, except...you guessed it. That Saturday class would fall on my boyfriend's birthday weekend visit. Despite that, I had hoped to make it as wonderful as possible.
As a surprise, I took him to see a musician he really likes.
regardless of his countless questions and probings, I actually managed to keep it a secret until we showed up to the location of the show, and he saw the guy on stage.
The 3rd time I ever hung out with my boyfriend, I was actually supposed to meet him to watch Craig Carothers at the Kennedy School in Portland. I showed up late, and missed the show. This was in February 2011. It just so happened that Craig was playing in a city about 10 minutes from my place down here in the Bay Area on the weekend my boyfriend was in town for his birthday.
Almost a year later, and we get to see Craig Carothers play together. It was an awesome show, and Craig is really an awesome guy. He came and talked to us a number of different times during breaks, etc. He spent time talking with a lot of his fans which I feel like is rare to see in performers nowadays .

I also surprised my boyfriend with a cake I baked and other little various things.. He is not a big fan of cake. He mentioned once that he carrot cake is the only cake he does like. So of course, I searched for a recipe and tweaked it slightly to accommodate for my liking and made homemade frosting to accompany it.
Now, other than my 5th grade frosting skills and glitter writing, it turned out pretty good for my first attempt.
Overall, I think he was pretty surprised and I know he was very thankful.
I feel like it was a sucessful birthday weekend.
The only problem (besides the fact that my boyfriend was only in town for about 3 days) is that now, all that school work I placed on hold for those few days, is coming crashing down on me.
So much to do, and not enough energy to do any of it.

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